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Part Time Encom Employee
05 February 2011 @ 09:18 am
Black Swan Events were characterized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his 2007 book (revised and completed in 2010), The Black Swan. Taleb regards almost all major scientific discoveries, historical events, and artistic accomplishments as "black swans"—undirected and unpredicted. He gives the rise of the Internet, the personal computer, World War I, and the September 11 attacks as examples of Black Swan Events.

The term black swan was a Latin expression—its oldest known reference comes from the poet Juvenal's characterization of something being "rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cygno" (6.165).[1] In English, this Latin phrase means "a rare bird in the lands, and very like a black swan." When the phrase was coined, the black swan was presumed not to exist. The importance of the simile lies in its analogy to the fragility of any system of thought. A set of conclusions is potentially undone once any of its fundamental postulates is disproved. In this case, the observation of a single black swan would be the undoing of the phrase's underlying logic, as well as any reasoning that followed from that underlying logic.


Why does something so cool have to be associated with something so O.O
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Part Time Encom Employee
01 February 2011 @ 01:45 pm
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Part Time Encom Employee
30 December 2010 @ 11:06 pm
Title: The life and times
Fandom: Tron. (DERP)
characters/pairings: Pre-Legacy Cast, I'm sure if you read deep you'll see Tron/Flynn, Tron/Clu, and probably Clu/Flynn, but it's deep like pond.
Rating: PG for philosophy man. It's all Zen to an extent.
Summary: "I'm here." Tron raised himself up slightly. His chest was on fire, limbs aching, dragged down, "And you'll never win."

To correct the evils, great and small, which spring from want of sympathy and from positive enmity among strangers, as nations or as individuals, is one of the highest functions of civilization.Collapse )

On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers.
-Adlai Stevenson
Part Time Encom Employee
14 November 2010 @ 02:30 pm
No really, I do. I want to save you six dollars. I want to potentially save you thirteen dollars. More then that, I want to save you two hours of time. How you ask?

So yesterday. I saw SKYLINE. Be warned. I'm angry.

Part Time Encom Employee
30 August 2010 @ 12:56 pm
I watched daybreakers yesterday. I honestly forgot how much I purely enjoyed that film for the sake of there being a good vampire movie out there and it reminded me-sort of-about how hard it was for me to turn Edward to human because "being a vampire was so much cooler"

Which then led me to how Edward's struggle mirrors that in my own life and then i sort of take a step back and go for a walk to remind myself I'm not Ethan Hawke (I kid. i kid)

The point I'm struggling with right now is, what the hell? I took this hiatus so that attk would be able to perform and it continues to hurt like hell that people in their lives are seemingly doing better, without me.

No, like, I'm not speaking of this on a emo-i'm-gonna-kill-myself level. I'm genuinely positive. I can present FACTS to this. facts that attk attendance has been higher since I haven't been there and the reason is-that I haven't been there. Facts that my friends have been having a good time (can I even call them friends anymore?) without me because...I haven't been bringing them down (I refer you to the following text messages, on the following dates, and the following statements and sworn affidavits...) My mother (I refer you to my sister's report card, my stepfather's spending time with them) and even my roommates (I refer you to the following trips, etc. etc.)

No, you know what-

Fuck that. Fuck that. I don't go until someone says "GO" and I won't be bothered by petty "I wash my hands of you" BS. If we're going to have it out, we're going to have it out. I would much rather take the blunt and brutal House approach-You can't ignore me. I'm a human being. I have rights. Just like you do. I have thoughts just like you do and for a world that preaches such tolerance and love and compassion to those who are different, you guys are being really fucking misunderstanding.

I'm sick. I admit it. i'm sick and I had a shitty life and in addition to Bipolar Disorder I probably have borderline personality disorder (go look that one up because it's REALLY me) but goddamnit I don't owe anybody any difference, or any kowtowing. I have bent over and taken it for YEARS and cried and emo'd and gotten angry about it but that's IT MAN. i'm fucking done.

there's NO REASON for you to be treating me this way. You can stop being friends with me, you can prove that you're doing better off without my presence in your life, but goddamnit i'm NOT the first person like me you will encounter. 1.7 million people in the US are afflicted with a mental disorder, and it could be fucking worse. i could be even MORE delusional. i could hear voices. i could do DOZENS OF OTHER THINGS except for the fact that i don't. i'm reasonably talented and intelligent and you're a FOOL not to want to be my friend.

Yeah, you heard me. You're a MORON not to want me around you. I respected you world. i loved you, i bowed to you, i wept at your art and your science and your marvels and you shun me? What Gives you the right to shun me? Just because I'm different? ...I just..I...