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I hate fandom forever. that's it [taps out] DONE.

Dear Individual,

I'd be fine with it since he's a background character, b, he doesn't belong to me anyway, and c-I don't give a flying fuck what you do because you're a 13 year old twat who is...just that. A twat.

That is, until you didn't...edit a single goddamn thing about any of the personality that I wrote.

He's not my character? I can't bitch? But that doesn't give you the right to steal my goddamn character biography. For godsake it's not even as good as the stuff the guys actually fucking wrote

No seriously, what the hell did you think you were doing? I mean yeah, a different concept would be fun to read, but stealing everything and changing one letter in his name? I mean I just-

No, I can't waste time with you on this.

I am completely and utterly speechless. Well done sir, you have succeeded in doing what hundreds of thousands of other people have failed at. I resign from fandom. I'll tip the hat check girl at the door and be over here finally seeing the fucking point. Christ. Courtney was right, you guys are not worth the pixels you're printed on.



Dear Internet,

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