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Part Time Encom Employee
09 September 2011 @ 07:48 pm
"Don't be afraid."

That was what he said. Don't be afraid. He'd tried to kill her and yet told her not to be afraid.

"Your life has just begun."


"No one remembers being born." He sat in the passenger seat with a hand on her shoulder, "In the far east they believe that

an expectant mother must be carried over a bed of hot coals to insure a successful delivery. I have had no need to carry you. You

have walked across the coals yourself. Now comes gestation, the most difficult part of any life. You must grow."

She is shivering and all the can think is "It's so cold." but she doesn't show weakness. No weakness. This is her home now.

You have walked across a bed of hot coals. Now comes gestation, growth, using the life you have.

But oh she is so tired. It's cold and when she enters the plant for the first time she shivers.

"It's the drugs."

No it's not. "Yes. Of course."


There's arguing in another room and an angry man strides past her door without giving her a second thought. Snatches of words. Carless, and irresponsible, and What the hell

do we need her for?
And softer words that she can only guess belong to the man who saved her life. She is a infant, lost in her crib. Terrified, she pads out of her bed in her socks and

closes the curtain John provided.

"I never thought you, of all people could be so-"

"So what Mark?"

"She's a liability! You take more people, they will go to her first. They will ask her questions first. Jesus John, how the hell could you?!"

"Everything we do is a liability. You yourself at any moment could turn me in. And then where would we be." It wasn't a question. She could tell that much.

She can't help but listen, shrouded in blankets and feigning sleep. She clutches the scratchy black fabric and pretends for a moment it is a death shroud.

"...Shall I see you tomorrow?"

The voice sounded subdued, sullen, "Do you need me or what?"

"I will call you, if I need you."

A shuffling sound as John's voice fades away. For a few seconds there's a pause and then a harsh clattering of objects They thud like heavy

rain onto the floor and she covers her ears (everything is amplified-everything is LOUD).

Something long and sharp rolls towards her. It's a knife.

"Goodnight Amanda."

It might be the drugs, it might be the unknown angry voice, it might be anything but the adrenaline is there and she's up with the knife

in her hands-fuck this place. Her fingers closed around the weapon and she threw open the curtains and ran as fast as she could away.


She's down the steps and onto an ancient loading dock where she cuts her feet on broken glass. scrambling across the concrete and onto the dirt.

She is full of plans as to how to get away. Hitchhike. Steal a car.

You have carried yourself across a bed of hot coals. You will be successful.

"I can drive you anywhere you want to go."

She staggered-stricken. Heart roaring in her ears she turned around to find John Kramer, Jigsaw, her protector, her hero, in a simple sweater.

She couldn't see his features in the dark.

"There's no need to run off like that."

"That man-"

"Has his purpose. As you have yours. You can't return Amanda." He moved toward her and put her arm around her shoulder. In the distance

the lights of the city gleamed like a blanket of stars, "It's beautiful isn't it?"

She remained quiet.

"Everything is sharper isn't it? Clearer, more fluid. The stars shine twice as brightly don't they?"

She dutifully looked up and tried to suppress another shiver, "...It's big."

"It's bigger then it was for you. It's brighter then it was. It's there for you to see, to help people experience. Breath Amanda."

A cold win blew, she shivered.

"Are you afraid? The wind can't hurt you. Nothing can hurt you. To survive you must make yourself unconquerable. No element can stand against man or woman. We build places to keep them out and return to them if the time is right."

A light rain began to fall. She bunched up against him-and he pushed her away. Gently, one hand on her shoulder. Clad only in a thin shirt and

a thin pair of pajama pants. Her body rebelled, her world was ice.

"It's colder. It's sweeter. Do you taste the air? All of the scents, all of the things that we have forgotten are there for you now. We're

coccooned from birth-but you have been reborn. The spartans used to expose their children to the elements to weed out the strong and the weak.

The babies that lived were deemed fit to survive-to live a life worth living."

"I'm cold."

His hand tightened on her shoulder, "Breath. These are your elements. You survived prison. You survived being a drug addict. You survived my test. You are exposed now, but you have not cried and you are still here."

Here was his hand on her shoulder. It was a lifeline, it was keeping her alive. The wind began to blow faster and the rain came down

and the drums beat like thunder in tune with her heart. His hand was there.

Slowly, tentatively, she drew in another breath. The wind rose electric. It spread through her nose, into her mind. Wet earth, dried leaves,

the smoke from someone's fire. Mint and a hint of jasmine. She drew in another breath-intoxicated-hands reaching for the sky higher and higher.

The rain poured down and she remembered something from a science class ages ago. All water evaporates and returns back to the clouds doesn't it?

The water she was tasting could be coming from anywhere. It might have flowed down the himalayas, it might have run through the ocean.

It could be thousands of years old.

She spread her arms wide and let the cold bite her chest, her body, her face. The wind grew faster now and John's grip on her grew stronger as

if she were a leaf that would blow away. Tears began to flow down her cheeks and she let them. Scents, sights, smells, the world was a blanket of activity and filled with stars.

It was beautiful.

"The Devil said, "All these things I will give to you if you worship me."

When John Kramer spoke the thunder subsided.

"I will not give them to you. You have earned them. You have earned this rightfully. Do you still wish to go?"

She raised her own hand, looking out over the city and the stars. She was cold and wet and shivering but she had never been more sure of anything in her life.

He was there. In the cold and the rain. He was there.



"Did you know, that before a child is born in the far east a mother will visit a fortune teller?"

She buried herself in blankets and lay back on the pillows. He spoke like the rain. It cleansed her, his words made her feel clean and fresh.

She leaned back and suppressed another shiver.

"The fortune teller shares the child's birth sign. All people are made up of the five elements. Earth, wind, fire, water, and metal. If an

element is missing then that element is incorporated into the child's name to make sure she has it."

"I think...no matter what happened to you, at the least someone tried to help you. However unintentionally."

Amanda heard herself mumble something unintelligible. Bullshit., she reflected. Nobody gave a damn.

"After all, they did give you the element you were missing. Your name. Amanda."

She rolled over and stared at him. He put a hand on her forehead, "Fit to be loved."

His hand slid to her shoulder where it rested-not high or low but in a place where it belonged, a place that had been waiting for it for years.

My life has begun.

She fell into a dreamless sleep.


He found her the next morning watching the sun rise.

He knew the colors would burn brighter, the light would be harsher when it first came and gentle as the day progressed. She was watching it

with rapt attention.

"Are you cold?"

She looked at him.

"Would you like anything?"

She continued to stare.

"How do you feel?"

When he approached closer he saw she was shivering ever so slightly. There were dark circles under her eyes but her expression was rapt, attentative.


The next day their real work began.
Part Time Encom Employee
22 May 2011 @ 05:11 pm
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The sign reads this. I love new people, I love new friends, I'm occasionally depressing but I'm funny, I'm energetic, but also-


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Part Time Encom Employee
Dear Individual,

I'd be fine with it since he's a background character, b, he doesn't belong to me anyway, and c-I don't give a flying fuck what you do because you're a 13 year old twat who is...just that. A twat.

That is, until you didn't...edit a single goddamn thing about any of the personality that I wrote.

He's not my character? I can't bitch? But that doesn't give you the right to steal my goddamn character biography. For godsake it's not even as good as the stuff the guys actually fucking wrote

No seriously, what the hell did you think you were doing? I mean yeah, a different concept would be fun to read, but stealing everything and changing one letter in his name? I mean I just-

No, I can't waste time with you on this.

I am completely and utterly speechless. Well done sir, you have succeeded in doing what hundreds of thousands of other people have failed at. I resign from fandom. I'll tip the hat check girl at the door and be over here finally seeing the fucking point. Christ. Courtney was right, you guys are not worth the pixels you're printed on.



Dear Internet,

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Part Time Encom Employee
28 February 2011 @ 09:23 am
"There's so much bad blood there..."

So you think I'm my father.

Ah. At last I begin to see the light.

I forgot my resolution to cut you out of my heart.

There's only us-there's only this.
Forget regret
or life is yours miss
No other road
no other way
no day but today

Unless you have something else to say? Back the fuck off
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